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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdancerdanc‧er /ˈdɑːnsə $ ˈdænsər/ ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 DANCEsomeone who dances as a profession The dancer’s technique is strong.ballet/ballroom/flamenco etc dancer Margot Fonteyn, the famous British ballet dancer2 DANCEsomeone who dances the dancers on the floorgood/bad dancer Dave’s a good dancer.
Examples from the Corpus
dancerHer childhood dream was to be a ballet dancer.The ballet dancer, Rudolph Nureyev, died at the age of fifty four.Narrative dance applies to those phrases of conversation between individuals or between dancers and public, where the dancer uses explicit gestures.The desk lamp with an emerald-green shade and small prints of Degas' dancers were the only distinctive features of the room.Suddenly it stops and, it seems within seconds, drummers, dancers and audience disperse.a world famous dancerI'm not a very good dancer.Each village has dancers and musicians to enact musical dramas which have been passed down through the generations.Blues Suite has changed over the years in structure, content and the ways succeeding generations of dancers perform it.I was determined to be a professional dancer.The tension got to the dancers, too, and many expected the ballet to be a fiasco.ballet/ballroom/flamenco etc dancerHe keeps wandering into minor subplots, about a flamenco dancer and a dancing doctors demonstration.I felt weightless, light as a ballet dancer.Poor Brady, a ballet dancer in a bearpit.He is a sensational, irresistible presence who has the composure and concentration of a ballet dancer.I lift her soft and easy as a male ballet dancer would lift Giselle.He became like a male ballet dancer - a support to lift up his glamorous partner and help her turn beautiful pirouettes.Longbine said line dancers have concluded that repeated dance floor collisions were acts of aggression by the ballroom dancers.A bright yellow strip of tape separated the country-western ballroom dancers from the line dance crowd.good/bad dancerShe was a pretty girl with fair curly hair and brown eyes, very self-possessed and a good dancer.Horton told him that he had a chance of becoming a good dancer.Not only did Alvin know nothing about choreography, Shawn wrote, but he was not even a good dancer.He was not a good dancer.She was not a good dancer, just a dancer, just a chorus girl.She was a bad dancer and he would be happy to improve this lack and ignorance.They were both good dancers and gradually the other couples drifted off the floor and stood in a circle watching them.Naturally, it was mainly the best dancers who went abroad to work.
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