dan‧ger‧ous S2 W2
1 able or likely to harm or kill you [↪ harmful]:
laws about dangerous dogs
Some of these prisoners are extremely dangerous.
It's dangerous for a woman to walk alone at night.
dangerous for
The crumbling sidewalks are dangerous for old people.
dangerous to
The virus is probably not dangerous to humans.
highly/very dangerous
The aircraft caught fire, a highly dangerous situation.
The powdered milk was not as good as breast milk, and was downright dangerous (=actually dangerous) when it was mixed with unclean water.
2 involving a lot of risk, or likely to cause problems [= risky]:
The business is in a dangerous financial position.
a politically dangerous strategy

dangerous ground/territory

a situation or subject that could make someone very angry or upset:
Teachers can be on dangerous ground if they discuss religion.
dangerously adverb:
people who drive dangerously
WORD FOCUS: dangerous WORD FOCUS: dangerous
similar words: hazardous, risky, treacherous, perilous literary

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