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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdankdank /dæŋk/ adjective  WETCOLDunpleasantly wet and cold a dank prison cellsee thesaurus at dampdankness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
dankThe sound system crackles, the projector is faulty, the auditorium is dank and all but empty.The air in the room was heavy and dank, and I couldn't sleep.But the trees were tall firs, dripping wet with dank bracken underneath among the black trunks.From seaside gazebos to dank concrete bunkers, the production design is brilliant.During the daytime, the temperature would reach 106 degrees; at night the men shivered in their dank drawers.It is a pure sporting moment, a coach and his team huddled together on a dank night.I'm not surprised he's miserable, living in that dank old house.Marie said, following Helen along the hallway with its familiar dank smell of musty horsehair and cedar and mothballs.The bag had been sitting in a dank tent for three days and smelled like an old laundry hamper.
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