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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdapperdap‧per /ˈdæpə $ -ər/ adjective  SMART/WELL-DRESSEDTIDYa man who is dapper is nicely dressed, has a neat appearance, and is usually small or thin a dapper little man in a grey suit
Examples from the Corpus
dapperSkepticism fully loaded, I agreed to meet with the dapper and charming McKenna.A small dapper gentleman two seats away knocked back a shot of something and exhaled an invisible sweet cloud.Graham walked into the restaurant, looking dapper in a grey business suit.Franklin looked dapper in his gray pin-striped suit.The Captain was a dapper little man with a neat moustache and shiny shoes.I tried the next time with a very dapper man, all pinstripes and umbrella.He was a dapper man; he liked to look good.A dapper man with an aristocratic air, he was boyishly handsome, compulsively social and intensely creative.Rat remains his dapper, timeless self.
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