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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdaringdar‧ing1 /ˈdeərɪŋ $ ˈder-/ ●●○ adjective  1 BRAVEinvolving a lot of risk or danger, or brave enough to do risky things a daring rescue attemptsee thesaurus at brave2 SHOCKnew or unusual in a way that may shock people a daring new buildingdaringly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
daringShe wore smocked Liberty dresses and sandals and smoked in the street, considered very daring.When she was young, everybody thought my grandmother was terribly daring because she smoked.Then, as a daring but romantic gown of navy blue silk crepe made its appearance, the moment came.The thrill of discovering that he could break into secret files spurred Paul on to more daring data raids.Miller is exceptionally good in this daring film.He would often do very foolish things just to prove how daring he was.Another such stunt, I still remember rather too graphically, involved a daring knife-throwing act at a local night club.a daring new production of "Hamlet"a daring pilotAlfred Wegener was a keen thinker and a daring pioneer.A daring proposal was made to reconcile the continuity of the Schrödinger equation with the discontinuity of empirical experience.It is a particularly daring stunt, involving being tied up and suspended in mid-air.Three inmates fled the prison in a daring tunnel escape.Today she's wearing a daring two-piece suit in bold purple and orange.Its daring use of music, mime, dance and humour challenges the audience to look beyond the stereotypes.In the second half, Joey Beauchamp came flying in like the daring young man on the trapeze.
daringdaring2 noun [uncountable]  BRAVEcourage that makes you willing to take risks a plan of great daring
Examples from the Corpus
daringThe young composer has shown considerable daring in his music.What happened next was a classic example of foolhardy daring which very nearly came badly unstuck.
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