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Dark Ages

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishDark AgesˈDark ˌAges noun  1 the Dark Ages2 a time when attitudes, knowledge, technology etc were not as modern or developed as they are now Ed is stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to his attitudes towards women.
Examples from the Corpus
Dark AgesIf the large living-dining area was post-Pompeii, the bathroom was late Dark Ages.This was one more bit of debris from the capitalist system, from feudalism, from the Dark Ages.The medieval, Renaissance and modern collections cover more than a millennium, from the Dark Ages to the interwar period.It was exactly as I had always imagined the Dark Ages to be, and in its terrible way it was apt.In the Dark Ages, Power was the Church.What is this, the Dark Ages?Please, let's not go back to the Dark Ages.You're a brigand, a throw-back to the Dark Ages.
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