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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdarklydark‧ly /ˈdɑːkli $ ˈdɑːrk-/ adverb  1 THREATENin a sad, angry, or threatening way Fred scowled darkly at her.2 having a dark colour a darkly handsome man3 darkly funny/humorous/comic
Examples from the Corpus
darklyThe model came in with the cups of tea, still glowering darkly at Paula from beneath her fringe of false eyelashes.In 1943, it was a darkly dangerous, Kafka-like venture into the ugly opportunities of total war.The light filtering in was enough to reveal a darkly gleaming surface of water, turbulent, continually rising.The devastating thing about him is that he has those darkly glowing brown eyes like yours.In an undergraduate photograph, his darkly handsome face has an air of earnest innocence.He was lively, witty and darkly handsome - the exact opposite of George.Sam was a darkly handsome young man.Her eyes turned darkly serious as she began to talk about her troubled past.The strong tendons in his darkly tanned hand sprang into relief as he lifted the pot.
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