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datada‧ta /ˈdeɪtə, ˈdɑːtə/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun  1 [plural, uncountable]INFORMATION information or facts The research involves collecting data from two random samples.data on data on pesticide useexperimental/historical/statistical etc data detailed research dataGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In everyday English, data is usually followed by a singular verb: The data is collected by trained interviewers.In academic or very formal English, a plural verb is used: These data are summarized in Table 5.When talking about one fact or piece of information, you say a piece of data: This is a useful piece of data. Don’t say: datas2 [uncountable]TDINFORMATION information in a form that can be stored and used, especially on a computer It’s possible to store a lot more data on a DVD.data storage/transfer/retrievalCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + data accurateIt’s important to ensure that the data we collect is accurate.reliableSome of the data isn’t very reliable.factual dataIt’s difficult to collect factual data on these insects.historical/financial/scientific etc dataMy research involves analyzing the historical data.statistical data (=based on statistics)It is difficult to compare statistical data from different countries.empirical data (=based on tests or experience, not on ideas)The theory is supported by empirical data.experimental data (=resulting from experiments)the analysis of experimental datasurvey/census data (=produced in a survey or census)Survey data show that people’s participation in sports rises with their level of income.raw data (=data that has been collected, but not organized or studied)This system does no more than produce the raw data.computer data (=kept on a computer)Digital cameras transfer pictures and sound into computer data.electronic data (=kept in an electronic form)new ways of storing electronic dataverbscollect dataThe survey data has been collected over the last three decades.store dataThe data is stored on a computer in our central office.process data (=store and organize it using computers)Newer computers can process data much more quickly.analyze dataThe researchers then began analyzing the data.data shows somethingThe data shows that suicide rates among young men have increased over the last twenty years.data indicates/suggests somethingOur data indicates that weather patterns are likely to get more extreme.data + NOUNa data base/data bank (=a large amount of data stored in a computer system)We can compare insurance prices from different companies on the database.data collectionChoosing the right method of data collection will be crucial to the experiment’s success.data processing (=using computers to store and organize information)They’ve got a very efficient system for data processing.data analysisComputers are increasingly used for data analysis.phrasesa set of data (=one group of data)The three sets of data produced strikingly different results.a piece/item of dataEvery single piece of data is important.a body of data (=a large amount of data)There is an enormous body of data in support of the theory.
Examples from the Corpus
dataSuppose we wish to send binary data along a telephone line.It was recognised that several sources might have to be approached in order to obtain comprehensive data on this subject. 4.He has to trawl through vast amounts of economic data.Trade was also cautious ahead of today's economic data, notably December retail sales and producer prices.This computer can store as much data as many larger models.The spacecraft has sent back new data about Jupiter's atmosphere.As a result a good model of the system may be obtained from a much smaller corpus of data.A direct reading from graphical or tabular data is usually carried out successfully by a high proportion of low attainers.They emerged as I began thinking about and writing about the data I collected.All the data shows that these animals are more adaptable than we thought.experimental/historical/statistical etc dataNeural nets can learn rule structures and patterns on their own from historical data or through experience.The collection of historical data on natural hazards is important since it is clear that their spatial pattern varies through time.Preparing both training and test input files will not depend on historical data sets, which are usually controlled by some one else.Is the standard unified model the only possible explanation of the experimental data it so well describes?Customarily we randomly select 20 to 30 percent of the historical data and put it aside prior to constructing the training set.What is particularly interesting from the historical viewpoint is the manner in which refinement of the statistical data has altered the record.This is the way we receive the historical data sheets.The statistical data is not sufficiently large to enable satisfactory significance tests to be performed.data storage/transfer/retrievalThe agreement with Intel provides for the integration of telephony, video and data transfer applications.Data General reported strong sales of its CLARiiON data storage systems.Accurate, efficient data transfer with rapid notification of key partners and constituents is critical to effectively addressing emerging infectious disease threats.This means adding just a little expanded memory produces a large percentage increase in the amount of memory available for data storage.If it proves as successful as its developer, Ramtron, claims, it could replace all other types of data storage.That accounts for the particularly speedy data transfer and seek times you can see in the benchmarks box.First, the use structure of information became even more detached from the data storage structure of that information.The answer can also be obtained by access to the index without recourse to the data storage area.
From Longman Business Dictionarydatada‧ta /ˈdeɪtə, ˈdɑːtə/ noun [plural, uncountable]1STATISTICSinformation or facts about a particular subject that someone has collectedWe cannot tell you the results until we have looked at all the data. primary data secondary data2COMPUTINGinformation in a form that can be stored and used, especially on a computera new data retrieval system
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