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data bank

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data bankˈdata ˌbank noun [countable]  TDa database
Examples from the Corpus
data bankAR-WACC has decided to establish a computerised communication data bank for the Region.The national genetics data bank will be a storehouse of hundreds of blood samples.By using test-kits and keeping a record of the readings obtained you also build-up and invaluable data bank for future reference.They formed the starting-point for contemporary sociobiological theory and the main data bank of facts.Once there it may appear on editor's data bank visual display unit as a single-line headline.
From Longman Business Dictionarydata bankˈdata bankCOMPUTING a large amount of information held on a computera computerized data bank to track customers’ buying habits bankdata bankˈdata bank (also databank) noun [countable]COMPUTING a collection of information on a particular subject that is stored somewhere, especially on a computerThe Centre is legally required to deposit the results in its data bank and to guarantee public access.
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