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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdaughter-in-lawˈdaughter-in-law ●●○ noun (plural daughters-in-law)  [countable]FAMILY your son’s wife
Examples from the Corpus
daughter-in-lawHer son and daughter-in-law, she confided, drank a powder which was half chicory.It was quite obvious that there had been a definite estrangement between her and her daughter-in-law right from the beginning.She was adamant that her daughter-in-law must remain in the capital.Several times during the morning he found himself consulting his watch, wondering how his daughter-in-law was progressing.I've only seen my daughter-in-law for three minutes since I got the news.One Easter, whilst visiting Benbecula, my thoughtful daughter-in-law, Barbara, suggested a fishing picnic to Stilligarry.Vimla now took centre-stage, while Panna grabbed an unwilling daughter-in-law and whirled her around in a waltz for a few steps.
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