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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdauntingdaunt‧ing /ˈdɔːntɪŋ $ ˈdɒːn-/ ●○○ adjective  DIFFICULTfrightening in a way that makes you feel less confident The trip seemed rather daunting for a young girl. He’s got the daunting task of following in Ferguson’s footsteps. the daunting prospect of asking for a loansee thesaurus at difficult
Examples from the Corpus
dauntingThe interview process can be daunting.Neil was devoted to Claudia, but he found Philip frankly daunting.Climbing Everest is a daunting challenge for any mountaineer.A daunting figure came looming out of the night.Excuses vary from difficulties in obtaining payment to the daunting prospect of completing export documentation.To give a full picture of this past is a daunting task, not within the scope of this book.I was faced with the daunting task of learning the whole script in 24 hours.Steve recently completed the daunting task of photographing 100 leading western philosophers.Few enterprises, it says, could have been faced with such a daunting task.daunting taskCondensing the novel into a 90 minute script was a daunting task.But it simply has not measured up to that daunting task.In my opinion the hardest task on the holding is to overcome inertia, to make a start on the daunting task.That can be a daunting task.Planning and producing written work, quoting sources, checking: these too are often daunting tasks for the student.It is a daunting task in a crowded, segmented marketplace where magazines rear up and expire as quickly as fruit flies.Five years ago, Lego would have faced a daunting task in almost any community in San Diego.The judge faces a daunting task in resolving what is now a four-way fight.Steve recently completed the daunting task of photographing 100 leading western philosophers.
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