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Copperfield, David

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishCopperfield, DavidDavid CopperfieldCop‧per‧field, David1 /ˈkɒpəfiːld $ ˈkɑːpər-/  (1956–) a US magician (=someone who entertains people by performing magic tricks) who is known for impressive tricks such as making the statue of liberty disappear, and walking through the great wall of chinaCopperfield, DavidDavid CopperfieldCopperfield, David2   David CopperfieldDavid CopperfieldDavid Cop‧per‧field /ˌdeɪvəd ˈkɒpəfiːld $ -ˈkɑːpər-/  (1849–50) a novel by Charles dickens which describes the life of its main character, David Copperfield, from the time when he was a poor orphan (=a child whose parents have both died). It is one of Dickens's most popular books, and is partly based on his own life. Many people know its characters, including Mr micawber and Uriah heep.
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