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day after day

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishday after dayday after day (also day in day out)CONTINUOUS continuously for a long time in a way that is annoying or boring I couldn’t stand sitting at a desk day after day. day
Examples from the Corpus
day after dayThe same exercises can get boring if you do them day after day.How, he asked himself, how could one put up with that, day after day.On the radio, the same things get hashed and rehashed, over and over, day after day.Otherwise, day after day, a restlessness had seized her again, to be afraid.She saw in her mind the woman who sat in the same seat day after day.Smashing down mogul fields all day long, day after day, sounds great to skiers in their 20s.The day before, I was on the battlefield with them, on the floor day after day...The jobs are nothing - just the same thing, day after day.The whole office, we just observed this stuff as it was happening, day after day.
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