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day careˈday care, daycare /ˈdeɪkeə $ -ker/ noun [uncountable]  DHBwhen babies or young children, or sick or old people are looked after during the day, especially while their family members are at workday care centre/services/facilities subsidized day care facilitiesday care for Local authorities may provide day care for under fives. a day care centre for the elderly
Examples from the Corpus
day careI am investigating alternative day care provision for elderly adults with learning difficulties.We will provide choice in domiciliary and day care.This included deciding between day care or school, and parents' attitudes to different options.Yellow Pages for day care centers.But it will reduce the pressure that so many families face in trying to get their children to and from day care.Full day care facilities are available on request.Assistance with child care costs was also important for 79 percent of job seekers with children in day care.The need for respite care or day care or domiciliary support is rarely so precisely detailed.day care centre/services/facilitiesCurrent day care services have other problems, too.Full day care facilities are available on request.Pringle argues against widespread extension of day care facilities.This is a general duty to make sure that there are sufficient day care facilities available within the area.And an information day is being planned for anyone wanting to learn more about the day care centre appeal.He remembered the maternity unit - long closed, the day care centre and the wards, all with their characteristics.Linked with the day care centre this service provides specialist home support for carers and suffers. ii Crossroads care Attendant Schemes.The day care centre can often be the link to other agencies when special needs are identified.
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