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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdaybreakday‧break /ˈdeɪbreɪk/ noun [uncountable]  TMthe time of day when light first appears syn dawn We arrived in Cairo at daybreak.
Examples from the Corpus
daybreakThis liberation usually took place about daybreak on Wednesday.At daybreak, officers began a house-to-house search.At daybreak Miss Logan, now wearing the pistol at her belt, set off down the mountain with the guide.At daybreak or dusk, the pyramids most resemble the limestone monuments seen by the old explorers.Conditions were so bad that emergency crews were told it was too dangerous to try and restore power before daybreak.The fires signalled to something else as well ... Shortly before daybreak Tallis was woken by the distant sound of a hunting horn.By daybreak, they are working together, cleaning up their rooms.The battle began at three in the morning and continued uninterrupted until past daybreak.She did not fall asleep until daybreak.
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