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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdaytimeday‧time /ˈdeɪtaɪm/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  PERIOD OF TIMEthe time during the day between the time when it gets light and the time when it gets darkin/during the daytime I can’t sleep in the daytime. Can I take your daytime telephone number (=the number of the telephone you use during the day)? daytime television
Examples from the Corpus
daytimeDon't forget to leave your name, address and a daytime telephone number!Please include a daytime phone number.In some cases, 10 per minute may be higher than the going daytime rate offered by competitors.Unfortunately, this condition causes a loss of sleep that can result in daytime drowsiness.These often result in complaints of daytime drowsiness.There are now 21 talk shows on daytime television; two cable channels run them around the clock.Parking is difficult to find in the daytime when downtown is busiest.Many of the daytime activities are free and open to the public.Less than two minutes away are the three pools which provide the daytime focus.in/during the daytimeLew became bored with not much activity in the daytime.Even when awake in the daytime, I have a recurrent memory of a dream I had a few days ago.The reason Carol contacted me was that she was now frightened to go out of her house, even during the daytime.It was during the night that she would conjure up this picture of herself; in the daytime she was practical.At first we worked regular jobs in the daytime and our own little business at night and on weekends.How was it, she wondered, that he was so loving in the daytime and a different man in bed?Anne began acting worse-was rebellious, stayed up late, slept in the daytime.Good thing it was in the daytime.
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