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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdazeddazed /deɪzd/ adjective  SHOCKUNCONSCIOUSunable to think clearly, especially because of a shock, accident etc Dazed survivors staggered from the wreckage.dazed look/expression etc Her face was very pale and she wore a dazed expression.see thesaurus at shocked
Examples from the Corpus
dazedWhen the realization hit her, she just sat there looking dazed.A toothless old man from Baku, his double-breasted jacket beribboned with the medals of two world wars, looked dazed.He had stopped coughing, but still looked dazed.I stumbled from the office, feeling dazed and confused, and not really knowing where I was.I stumbled from the room dazed and confused, completely disoriented by what had just happened.We used to, watch them arrive, looking dazed and disappointed.She sounded dazed and vaguely surprised.She felt dazed and was drifting through life never feeling well, sleepless, anxious and just not coping.Daphne is in hospital, still dazed by the events of the last ten days.He stood there with a dazed expression on his face watching her pack her bags.Anxious family members sat dazed in the waiting room.When he met Eileen Ryan she was sitting on a bank with a dazed look, her bicycle up-ended in a ditch.They shuffled forward in a dazed manner holding hands, their labels hanging round their necks.The pile of dazed teachers jumped to their feet and chased after the Bookman.dazed look/expression etcWhen he met Eileen Ryan she was sitting on a bank with a dazed look, her bicycle up-ended in a ditch.Meanwhile Hilda, sitting with Omite, had a dazed expression on her face.
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