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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeadlockdead‧lock /ˈdedlɒk $ -lɑːk/ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 PROGRESS#a situation in which a disagreement cannot be settled syn stalemate The talks have reached a complete deadlock. a last-ditch effort to break the deadlock Negotiations ended in deadlock.see thesaurus at progress2 British English a deadboltdeadlocked adjective Talks between management and unions remain deadlocked.
Examples from the Corpus
deadlockCourt decisions from previous budget deadlocks keep most money flowing without a spending plan.The talks have reached a complete deadlock.In the same year the issue came before Parliament, but there was complete deadlock.Their first trial in Van Nuys Superior Court ended in deadlock in 1994.Their first trial ended in deadlock when the jury could not reach an agreement.Syria and Israel broke a six-month deadlock in their talks when they sent peace envoys to Maryland.This has led to parliamentary deadlock.Nearer home, Northern Ireland only produced renewed deadlock.In 1970, the deadlock lasted three months.There are hopes that an agreement can be made to break the deadlock between the White House and Congress.But birthday boy Wright was waiting to break the deadlock with the goal he had been seeking all night.The deadlock over the US budget had turned away some investors.reached a ... deadlockThe strike appeared to have reached a deadlock.
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