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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeafeningdeaf‧en‧ing /ˈdefənɪŋ/ adjective  1 LOUD/NOISYvery loud a deafening roarsee thesaurus at loud2 deafening silence
Examples from the Corpus
deafeningWhen she finished speaking, the applause was deafening.deafening bomb blastsIn that same instant, the deafening crash of gunfire filled the narrow confines of the alley.Outside there was a deafening crash of thunder.It will be particularly useful for early risers who once had to endure deafening music from Benidorm bars until the small hours.Aeroplanes resound to the deafening rasp of anorak pen-pockets when passengers are told to fill in their landing cards.The guns opened up with a deafening roar, and immediately the lights were switched off.Once again the answer was a deafening silence.The hubbub was even more deafening than usual.Three tiring and deafening weeks passed with no obvious change.
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