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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdealingdeal‧ing /ˈdiːlɪŋ/ ●○○ noun  1 dealings2 [uncountable] the activity of buying, selling, or doing business with people penalties for drug dealingplain/honest/fair dealing (=a particular way of doing business) a reputation for fair dealing insider dealing at insider trading, wheeling and dealing
Examples from the Corpus
dealingThe mayor wants to end all drug dealing in the city.But then people go on about his past, the drug dealing and that.First, schedule 3 to the Act exempts some exclusive dealing arrangements.Other aspects to consider are charges, possible conflicts of interest, and efficiency in dealing and settlement.Yet most countries now have rules against insider dealing, not least because it can put outside investors off securities markets.The argument advanced here is that insider dealing is the sort of conduct which ought to be criminal.The second change would be to make the insider dealing law more effective.When the manager refused it, she got up and ran back upstairs to the dealing floor.On occasions when the whole dealing room was punting out the stock, the price might climb even further.plain/honest/fair dealingIn one area - the handling of government money - the boundary between peculation and honest dealing was clearly marked.The normal fair dealing provisions apply otherwise.He was a man to whom fair dealing came naturally and he was a just, if firm, master.
From Longman Business Dictionarydealingdeal‧ing /ˈdiːlɪŋ/ noun1[uncountable] British EnglishFINANCE the job or activity of buying and selling stocks, shares, foreign currencies etc on a financial market SYN TRADING AmEAfter the first hour of dealing, the FTSE had slipped 10.1 to 3025.3.Share dealings in the new issue will begin on Dec. 8.a full range of currency dealing services after-hours dealing fair dealing insider dealing over-the-counter dealing wheeling and dealing2dealings [plural] the business relationships or activities that you have become involved inThe secret dealings of his department were made public.Anyone who has had dealings with an insurance company knows how long it takes for payment to be made. shady dealings
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