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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdearlydear‧ly /ˈdɪəli $ ˈdɪrli/ adverb  1 LOVEvery much James loved her dearly. I would dearly like to know what she said.2 SUFFERin a way that involves a lot of suffering, damage, trouble etc The weakness in their defense has already cost them dearly this season. Ordinary people are paying dearly for the mistakes of this administration.3 dearly beloved
Examples from the Corpus
dearlyShe loves her children dearly.The fighting during 1968 had cost them dearly.It has cost the Trust dearly in cash.Grandmother displayed all the warmth, enthusiasm, and flamboyance that she had loved so dearly in her brother Theodore.She dearly wished that her only daughter had settled down with Les Williams, a hardworking friend of her son.He dearly wished they would hurry up and tell him what to do.loved ... dearlyA very good friend helped me in the house at this time in our lives, and Shanti loved her dearly.Besides, we knew beyond doubt that she loved us dearly.In consequence of this they loved him dearly.His servants loved him dearly and fished him out immediately.Isaac loved the Comet dearly and it would have been pointless to hold this refusal against him.I liked that because I loved my grandmother dearly and knew she loved me just as much.Mr Wood loved Linda dearly, but he wanted a son very much.cost ... dearlyBut the scandal has cost Gilbey dearly.It is very distressing to find out at a later date that you have made a mistake which can cost you dearly.Neville's genius was to subvert and turn round press attacks on Oz, but they could still cost dearly.Since women voters tend to decide late in the campaign, one wrong remark can cost a candidate dearly.The fighting during 1968 had cost them dearly.The coincidence is going to cost some employers dearly and save money for others.He cost us dearly both inside and outside our organization.It has cost the Trust dearly in cash.
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