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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeath-defyingˈdeath-deˌfying adjective [only before noun]  a death-defying action is very dangerous death-defying film stunts
Examples from the Corpus
death-defyingNext, the death-defying act from the stewardesses, those bashful girls and their oxygen mine.This is for experts only, and even then, it can be a death-defying attempt.He's come a long way since then - but underneath he's still the same determined, death-defying Barry Sheene.Driving a Rolls-Royce into a swimming pool was Crawford's death-defying contribution to his next film, Hello-Goodbye.Farini returned to Niagara in 1864, and there he attempted another death-defying feat.The steep slope towards Regent's Park would be cluttered with death-defying sledges.So why do these death-defying techno-superheroes have such tress trauma?
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