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death duties

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death dutiesˈdeath ˌduties noun [plural] British English old-fashioned  PETPETinheritance tax
Examples from the Corpus
death dutiesIn addition, most information comes from official statistics, especially from the Inland Revenue, deriving from tax returns and death duties.And are death duties or capital transfer tax relevant?Some members of the ruling class have transferred property to relatives and friends to avoid death duties.No, Steen had organized it all very meticulously to avoid death duties.The new Earl also inherited a 2.25 million bill for death duties as well as 80,000 a year running costs.By 1900 about half of government revenue was raised from income tax and from death duties.The modern form of death duties is the inheritance tax.A tax on inherited estates began in 1894, though death duties can be traced back much further.
From Longman Business Dictionarydeath dutiesˈdeath ˌduties [plural]TAX in Britain, taxes that must be paid by someone who is left property or money by someone who has died duty
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