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death toll

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeath tollˈdeath toll noun [countable usually singular]  Sthe total number of people who die in an accident, war etc As the unrest continued, the death toll rose. The official death toll stands at 53.
Examples from the Corpus
death tollOfficials estimate the final death toll could reach 35,000.The final official death toll is 2,388.The fans' deaths brought the death toll to nine in this year's race week.If the civil unrest continues, the death toll will rise.The number of deaths is far higher than for any other form of pollution and rivals the death toll from some cancers.Many expressed disbelief that the death toll was not higher.There were suggestions that the death toll was up to five times higher than officially stated.But without the scientists' warnings, the death toll could have been in the hundreds of thousands.death toll roseNew figures show the death toll rose by six in the period, to 253.
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