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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeathlydeath‧ly /ˈdeθli/ adjective, adverb  DEADreminding you of death or of a dead bodydeathly cold/white/pale She was deathly pale, and looked as if she might faint.a deathly hush/silence (=complete silence) A deathly hush fell over the room.
Examples from the Corpus
deathly cold/white/paleHe was deathly pale and obviously still in the first shock of grief but it had taken him differently.She was lying not far from her fiancé, eyes closed, deathly pale but apparently hardly injured.May become deathly pale if the room is overheated; kick off the bed covers if they are able to.She turned on the external floods, filling the bay with deathly white light.Her daughter-in-law was deathly pale, looking as if she would faint.All he was aware of was the deathly cold of the gun barrel.The weather was deathly cold, the frost nipping at every part of our exposed flesh.He went as thin as a rake, and deathly pale then for a couple of weeks.
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