1 noun
de‧bate1 S1 W2
1 [uncountable and countable] discussion of a particular subject that often continues for a long time and in which people express different opinionsCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
heated/fierce/intense debate (=one in which people express strong and very different opinions) widespread debate lively debate public debate a debate rages (=it happens over a period of time and people have strong feelings about it) long-running debate ongoing debate (=continuing debate) provoke/trigger/spark off a debate (=cause a debate)
the gun-control debate in the US
The new drug has become the subject of heated debate within the medical profession.
debate over/about
There has been widespread public debate over the introduction of genetically modified food.
There was much lively debate about whether women should spend more time in the home.
A fierce debate raged over which artist's work should be chosen for the prize.
debate between
the ongoing debate between environmentalists and the road-building lobby over the future of our countryside
Nuclear power has always been a topic that has sparked off considerable debate.
2 [uncountable and countable] a formal discussion of a particular problem, subject etc in which people express different opinions, and sometimes vote on them
debate on/over/about
a debate on legalized gambling
have/hold/conduct a debate
It would have been better to hold the debate during the day.
be under debate
What topics are under debate in Congress this week?

be open to debate

also be a matter for debate if an idea is open to debate, no one has proved yet whether it is true or false [= debatable]:
Whether that would have made any difference is open to debate.

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