Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: dette, from Latin debitum, from debere 'to owe'


debt S2 W2
1 [countable] a sum of money that a person or organization owes
debt of
This over-ambitious strategy has saddled them with debts of $3,000,000.
pay (off)/repay/clear/settle etc a debt
He had enough money to pay off his outstanding debts.
Romania is paying more and more to Western banks simply to service the debt (=pay it).
run up/amass debts
students who run up huge debts
2 [uncountable] when you owe money to someone [≠ credit]
in debt (to somebody)
Nearly half the students said they were in debt.
The band will be in debt to the record company for years.
£200/$1000 etc in debt
A rash business decision left him $600 in debt.
be heavily/deeply in debt (=owe a lot of money)
3 [countable usually singular] the degree to which you have learned from or been influenced by someone or something else
debt to
Braque acknowledged his debt to Impressionist painting.

debt of gratitude/thanks

the fact of being grateful to someone who has helped you:

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