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debt relief

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdebt reliefˈdebt reˌlief noun [uncountable]  an arrangement in which very poor countries do not have to pay back all the money that has been lent to them by richer countries
Examples from the Corpus
debt reliefBut those who fought for debt relief should not underestimate the success they have had in changing the zeitgeist.This is a serious loss; the movement has raised the profile of debt relief and poverty reduction.So far their progress on debt relief has been agonisingly slow.What is needed now is the kind of global protest movement that Jubilee 2000 developed over debt relief.Eight countries that have received debt relief are still paying more on their debts than on health and education.This is making Jubilee 2000, the debt relief campaign, very angry.In the end the Group of Seven leading industrial nations supported the debt relief campaign for two reasons.
From Longman Business Dictionarydebt reliefˈdebt reˌliefFINANCE when poor countries no longer have to pay back loans or interest on loans from foreign governments and banksCommonwealth finance ministers backed a debt relief plan for the world’s poorest nations. relief
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