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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdebutantedeb‧u‧tante /ˈdebjʊtɑːnt/ (also deb informal) noun [countable]  HIGH POSITION OR RANKa young rich upper-class woman who starts going to fashionable events as a way of being introduced to upper-class society
Examples from the Corpus
debutanteYoung ladies being presented for the first time were known as debutantes.She was the most famous debutante of 1925.It is a proper school, not just a training ground for debutantes.One of this year's debutantes, Primrose was pretty but still far too much of a schoolgirl to interest Aubrey.The young woman he saw was neither a giggling schoolgirl, a serene debutante, nor a smiling fiancee.In mid-September, she was one of ten debutantes invited to join and choose the membership of the 1911 Sewing Circle.
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