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decaffeinatedde‧caf‧fein‧a‧ted /diːˈkæfɪneɪtɪd/ adjective  DFDcoffee or tea that is decaffeinated does not contain caffeine (=the substance that keeps you awake)
Examples from the Corpus
decaffeinatedPerhaps you could acquire a taste for decaffeinated coffee or one of the many herb or fruit teas.One alternative is to order decaffeinated coffee, which certainly is an improvement on the original version.She lights the gas stove, and makes herself a breakfast of muesli, wholemeal toast and decaffeinated coffee.But to remove this element results in, at best, a decaffeinated criticism.So, you can enjoy the full flavour of Nescafé in a decaffeinated form.One in five chose decaffeinated tea and coffee while 14% used artificial sweeteners.
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