Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: deceivre, from Latin decipere


de‧ceive [transitive]
1 to make someone believe something that is not true [= trick; ↪ deception]:
He had been deceived by a young man claiming to be the son of a millionaire.
deceive somebody into doing something
He tried to deceive the public into thinking the war could still be won.
deceive somebody about something
I wouldn't deceive you about anything as important as this.

deceive yourself

to refuse to believe that something is true because the truth is unpleasant:
I thought she loved me, but I was deceiving myself.
deceive yourself that
He didn't deceive himself that he and Ruth could remain friends.
3 to give someone a wrong belief or opinion about something:
Don't be deceived by the new cover - this is a rehash of old hits.
deceiver noun [countable]

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