Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: décent, from Latin decens, the present participle of decere 'to be suitable'


de‧cent S2
1 [usually before noun] of a good enough standard or quality:
a decent salary
Don't you have a decent jacket?
a house with a decent-sized yard
Their in-flight magazine is halfway decent (=quite good).
2 following moral standards that are acceptable to society [↪ decency]
decent citizens/people/folk etc
The majority of residents here are decent citizens.
a decent burial
Paul visited the local bars more frequently than was decent for a senior lecturer.
The chairman did the decent thing (=did what people thought he ought to) and resigned.
3 [usually before noun] treating people in a fair and kind way:
I decided her father was a decent guy after all.
It was decent of you to show up today.
4 wearing enough clothes so that you do not show too much of your body - used humorously:
Are you decent? Can I come in?
decently adverb
very good: excellent, fantastic, wonderful, great, terrific, neat American English, superb, amazing, outstanding, brilliant, impressive, fine, first-class, out of this world

of good quality: high quality, top quality, superior, deluxe, classy

morally good: decent, virtuous, respectable, honourable British English/honorable American English, upright, beyond reproach

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