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deciduousde‧cid‧u‧ous /dɪˈsɪdʒuəs/ adjective  HBPHBPdeciduous trees lose their leaves in winter opp evergreen
Examples from the Corpus
deciduousOnce upon a time the world was deciduous and now it was not.As another exam-ple, the border between deciduous forest and wildflower prairie in the midwest is remarkably impermeable.At the time that the land was transferred in 1996, approximately 30ha were under citrus and deciduous fruit orchards.Creepers grew on the walls; deciduous, they stretched out their bare stems in a complicated network like barbed wire.If deciduous trees gain control, then there is first browse for hare, then deer, then moose.Jays are the restless, truly deciduous woodland dwellers of the crow tribe.Secondly, the deciduous woodland that eventually takes over has a rather surprising composition.Fact: It contains our largest relatively unbroken block of deciduous woodland.
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