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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecision-makerdeˈcision-ˌmaker noun [countable usually plural]  a person in a large organization who is responsible for making important decisions the corporation’s key decision-makers
Examples from the Corpus
decision-makerSince these are questions of fact a decision-maker would have to make a full contextual analysis before reaching a decision.The appropriate policies that might influence a decision-maker are broadly similar in the two contexts.If information could flow directly into action there would be no need for a human decision-maker.Given that macro-decisions inherently and inevitably condition micro-decisions, the principal focus of attention must be on the political decision-maker.How many of the ramifications of a particular decision ought to be explicitly taken into account by the decision-maker?Should the nature of the decision-maker be conclusive as to the scope of review that we should adopt?
From Longman Business Dictionarydecision-makerdeˈcision-ˌmaker noun [countable]JOB someone with a high rank in a company or government who has the authority to make important decisionsThe issue will be decided by the corporation’s key decision-makers.
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