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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecision-makingdeˈcision-ˌmaking noun [uncountable]  DECIDEthe process of making important decisions attempts to involve workers in decision-making
Examples from the Corpus
decision-makingBut it did nothing to change the institutional stagnation which had been the result of consensus decision-making.If a child needs new clothes for fall, provide a budget to stay within and encourage decision-making appropriate to the age.The perceptions of the staff questioned about involvement in school finance decision-making did not often agree with that of the heads.This is the supreme Zapatista authority and its decision-making follows an age-old democratic pattern.A nimble response in this soundbite world rules out recourse to labyrinthine decision-making processes.It threatens to demote the Brussels institutions, especially the Commission, by setting up an alternative centre of decision-making.Areas where safeguards developed against the backdrop of a different type of decision-making may be more efficacious and apposite.It should also comfort to recognize that, in the final analysis, these sums are operating to purify decision-making.
From Longman Business Dictionarydecision-makingdeˈcision-ˌmaking noun [uncountable] the process of making important business, political, or legal decisionsgovernment proposals aimed at improving the quality of decision-making by the High CourtLobbyists will always try to influence the government’s decision-making process.
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