Date: 1400-1500
Language: Middle Dutch
Origin: dec 'roof, covering'


1 noun
Related topics: Cards, House, Water
deck1 [countable]

on a ship

a) the outside top level of a ship that you can walk or sit on:
Let's go up on deck.
above/below deck
Peter stayed below deck.
b) one of the different levels on a ship
main/passenger/car etc deck
a staircase leading to the passenger deck

on a bus, plane etc

one of the levels on a bus, plane etc
lower/upper etc deck
I managed to find a seat on the upper deck.
Eddie returned to the flight deck (=the part of an aircraft where the pilot sits).
double-decker (1), single-decker

at the back of a house

American EnglishDHH a wooden floor built out from the back of a house, where you can sit and relax outdoors [↪ decking]:
deck furniture


a piece of equipment used for playing music tapes, records etc


a set of playing cards [= pack British English]
Irene shuffled the deck.

➔ all hands on deck

at hand1 (38)

; ➔ clear the decks

at clear2 (17)

; ➔ hit the deck

at hit1 (17)
a ship that carries people: passenger ship, cruise ship, liner, ferry, ro-ro

a ship that carries goods: cargo ship, merchant ship, freighter, oil tanker, super tanker, barge

a small ship: boat, motorboat, powerboat

a ship with sails: yacht, dinghy, sailing ship, sailing boat British English/sailboat American English, catamaran

a fighting ship: warship, aircraft carrier, battleship, cruiser, frigate, destroyer, minesweeper, gunboat, man-of-war old-fashioned

a ship that people live on: houseboat, narrow boat British English

a ship that goes under water: submarine

people on a ship: sailor, captain, passenger, seaman, the crew

parts of a ship: deck, cabin, porthole, engine room, mast, rudder, hull

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