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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeclaredde‧clared /dɪˈkleəd $ -ˈklerd/ adjective  SAY/STATEstated officially and publiclydeclared aim/objective/intention etc It is their declared intention to increase taxes.
Examples from the Corpus
declaredI therefore approach Labour's declared commitment to a nuclear-based defence policy with great scepticism.Clearly, handshaking is a symbol of declared friendship and is intended to put one at one's ease.Ferdinand's declared programme in May 1814 was based on the programme of the Persians.declared aim/objective/intention etcSince 1979, however, their record has not always conformed to this declared objective.It had begun the seventies with the declared intention of contributing 0.7 percent of the gross national product in official aid.The declared aim of such finance pirates is to break up the giants, and sell them off bit by bit.Archaeology has as its declared intention the reconstruction of past societies and the understanding of processes of long term social change.His declared aim was economy and he endeavoured to make use of the natural contours as effectively as possible.