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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecoderde‧cod‧er /diːˈkəʊdə $ -ˈkoʊdər/ noun [countable]  a piece of electronic equipment that receives a signal and changes it for another machine to use, for example to put pictures and sound onto your television
Examples from the Corpus
decoderAnyone who already has a decoder can carry on watching, a spokesman for the Department of National Heritage acknowledged.In the first, the information that comes out of a decoder does not match what goes in.Subsequent programmes will be received only by subscribers, who will be supplied with a decoder.It's there for the taking by anyone with a suitable decoder.Where is the decoder in the nervous system?The decoder at the other end converts the sequence of beeps back into a code which identifies the caller.The decoder has to create a cognitive space in which the deictic elements and terms can be realised indexically.Each set-top decoder would then have its Macrovision-component circuitry individually addressed and activated through the network's addressable access control system.
From Longman Business Dictionarydecoderde‧cod‧er /diːˈkəʊdə-ˈkoʊdər/ noun [countable] a piece of equipment that you need in order to receive certain types of television service
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