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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecorde‧cor /ˈdeɪkɔː $ -kɔːr/ noun [countable usually singular, uncountable]  DECORATEthe way that the inside of a building is decorated The decor is a mix of antique and modern.
Examples from the Corpus
decorAsk for ideas about decor and service.It also is one more nail in the coffin of formal decor.Inside, it's still quite creamy and light in decor.In both outward profile and interior decor the yacht bears a very strong resemblance to her smaller sister.A club designed for clubbers, by clubbers-large and spacious with chrome minimalist decor.The Beau Brummel Plus lounge bar with attractive Regency decor and good bar lunches.Even the ridiculous decor in the Central Lobby reinforced this idealism.The hotel's decor is dark and museum-like.The restaurant's decor is clean and contemporary.Industrial-strength decor with steel shelves and cement floors, copper and glass, and greenery.It was a comfortable enough room, but I didn't like the decor very much.
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