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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecorationdec‧o‧ra‧tion /ˌdekəˈreɪʃən/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable usually plural]DECORATE something pretty that you put in a place or on top of something to make it look attractive Christmas decorations cake decorations2 [uncountable]DECORATE the style in which something is decorated He is an expert on Islamic decoration.for decoration a box with paper flowers glued to it for decoration3 [uncountable] British EnglishPAINT when you paint or put special paper on the inside walls, ceiling etc of a house or building4 [countable]GIVE something such as a medal that is given to someone as an official sign of honourTHESAURUSdecoration noun [countable usually plural] something pretty that you put in a place or onto something to make it look attractive, especially for special occasionsHalf a dozen girls volunteered to put up decorations for the dance.We're making our own Christmas decorations this year.You could use the ribbon as a decoration. ornament [countable] a small pretty object that is used in a room or house to make it look more attractiveThe shelves were crammed with ornaments and souvenirs.a glass ornamentknick-knacks [plural] small inexpensive objects used to decorate a roomThe shop sold cheap knick-knacks for tourists.She had dusted all the ornaments and knick-knacks.garnish [countable] a small amount of food that is used to make a dish look nice or add taste to itServe the fish with a garnish of lemon.trim [singular, uncountable] decoration on a car, object, or piece of clothing that goes along the length of ita white skirt with black trim along the hemfrills [plural] a decoration on the edge of a piece of cloth that is made of many small folds in the clotha white blouse with frills at the cuffsembellishment [countable, uncountable] formal something that is added in order to make another thing seem more attractivethe colourful embellishments on a medieval manuscriptHis style is simple and without embellishment.
Examples from the Corpus
decorationThe building was very plain with hardly any decoration at all.It is also a popular field decoration on Belouch prayer rugs.These plants are grown mainly for decoration.To follow the process from clay lump to glazed decoration demands discipline.Both are easy to colour and mould into decorations.The only decoration in the room was a picture above the fireplace.We whipped up Christmassy feelings and pulled decorations and paper hats out of a hamper given by soldiers in the Outer Hebrides.All the decorations were white and festoons of snowy lace-gushed from every appropriate appointment.The decorations shone on the walls and I loosened the buttons of my tunic and slipped my tie down a few inches.All that glitters may not be gold, but these decorations would add elegance and sparkle to any Christmas tree.Just over one hundred children between the ages of four to eleven came to the canteen which had been transformed with decorations.for decorationThin slices of orange or lemon can be used for decoration.
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