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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecrepitde‧crep‧it /dɪˈkrepɪt/ adjective  CONDITION/STATE OF somethingold and in bad condition The buildings were in a decrepit state. He was a rather decrepit old man.decrepitude noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
decrepitThe latter set about restoring its decrepit but largely unaltered state, uncovering the great stone fireplace in the hall.In the windows of the decrepit houses, gas lamps were beginning to be lighted.He moved fiercely among the decrepit houses in his white pyjamas like an angry prophet.He was in his forties, wore a decrepit old blazer and flannels, and had rabbity teeth and a foolish expression.Past the overgrown lawn, through the decrepit rose arbour and into the Wilderness.The inn-hospital is a decrepit, single-storied structure.One by one, the aged tottered in, each one seemingly more decrepit than the one before.Our battered forecabin now looked like the canopy of some decrepit truck jacked up for repairs in some Third World country.decrepit wooden benches
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