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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdedicatedded‧i‧cat‧ed /ˈdedɪkeɪtɪd/ ●○○ adjective  1 WORK HARDsomeone who is dedicated works very hard at what they do because they care a lot about it a dedicated and thoughtful teacher She is a dedicated socialist.dedicated to The Woodland Trust is dedicated to preserving our native woodland.2 USE something[only before noun] made for or used for only one particular purpose a dedicated graphics processor
Examples from the Corpus
dedicatedJanie's a wonderful nurse - completely dedicated.This price includes adapters, which incorporate dedicated circuitry, for the four sizes of battery.These packages are dedicated filter design programs.Richard is a dedicated golfer.Those who remain, generally with long service, are a dedicated lot, proud of their unique service.One computer must be set aside as a dedicated network server.And this is strange because he has been all his working life that representative of law and order, a dedicated policeman.SunLink Point-to-Point Protocol is designed to let small companies do away with dedicated routers when linking their local area networks.As a dedicated sportsman, Steven trained every day of the week.The course is based in a modern, dedicated Studio complex on the Coleraine campus.Worknet has a staff of 28 people, dedicated to assisting the community in their search for employment or training.The group is dedicated to the conservation of the environment.The units will accept a dedicated U/V clarifier system.The lifeboat service is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.dedicated toA group dedicated to saving nature celebrated by planting an oak tree.
From Longman Business Dictionarydedicatedded‧i‧cat‧ed /ˈdedɪkeɪtɪd/ adjective [only before a noun] COMPUTING a dedicated computer, computer system etc is only used for one particular job, such as controlling a particular machineThe data can be accessed by a dedicated machine or a personal computer.
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