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From Longman Business Dictionarydeductiblede‧duct‧i‧ble1 /dɪˈdʌktəbəl/ noun American English1[countable usually plural]ACCOUNTING a payment that is taken away from an employee’s pay for a particular purpose before they receive itRather than increase premiums for those that choose the medical plan, they will be increasing employees’ deductibles.2[countable]INSURANCE an amount that an insured person has to pay each time they make a CLAIM SYN excess BrEYou can get insurance for your pet for a premium of $97.50 a year, with a $50 deductible.deductibledeductible2 adjective TAX if an amount of money is deductible, you can take it away from the amount you have earned before you calculate how much tax you will have to payOnly 80% of dining and entertainment costs are deductible as a business expense.
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