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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeductivede‧duc‧tive /dɪˈdʌktɪv/ adjective  JUDGEusing the knowledge and information you have in order to understand or form an opinion about something deductive reasoning
Examples from the Corpus
deductiveThere were, said the professor, two kinds of science, inductive and deductive.For those who like solving murder mysteries, however, this is one that will challenge your deductive abilities.This supplements the consideration of deductive and logical abilities measured by the traditional convergent questions for which there are unique correct answers.The results for both tasks indicated that deductive markers were frequently omitted by all age groups, including the adults.In order to handle deductive mode explanations, children require various cognitive and linguistic abilities.They have to be able to distinguish between the empirical and deductive modes.Concrete operational children, lacking fully developed deductive reasoning about hypothetical situations, can not solve problems in this form.An engaging blend of poetic characterization and deductive reasoning, it was delivered for the most part in a weary monotone.
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