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deep freeze

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeep freezeˌdeep ˈfreeze / $ ˈ../ noun [countable]  DHFa large metal box in which food can be stored at very low temperatures for a long time syn freezer
Examples from the Corpus
deep freezeThe surprise deep freeze brought temperatures of -20°.The new year saw the first signs of a thaw in that deep freeze.Odd skimmer and some roach fron Warrington water to ice breakers before the deep freeze.So far, winter has kept most parts of the country in the deep freeze.I've been a life insurance salesman and I was in the deep freeze business for ages.Opening the deep freeze is like standing on stage at the Palladium: there are that many eyes staring out at you.The deep freeze caught those that distribute gas to homes and offices by surprise.
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