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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeep-seatedˌdeep-ˈseated adjective  STRONG FEELING OR BELIEFa deep-seated attitude, feeling, or idea is strong and is very difficult to changedeep-rooted a deep-seated fear of failure
Examples from the Corpus
deep-seatedThe decline of empire has only made these deep-seated attitudes more pronounced.Part of the command-and-control legacy includes our deep-seated belief that there is only one answer.A deep-seated brain tumor was diagnosed.Many people in the community have a deep-seated distrust of the police.This violates such deep-seated feelings of justice that it has proved to be unacceptable under any criminal law jurisdiction.Spiritual healing aims to correct these deep-seated imbalances by strengthening the flow of the life-force and removing any negative forces or imbalances.A growing number of industry experts say the industry itself is to blame for its deep-seated perception problems.My sister Janie Ming-li also enjoyed the benefits of deep-seated superstition.Even recent liberalisation has failed to dispel deep-seated suspicions that discrimination still lurks beneath the surface.
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