2 adverb
deep2 W3
1 [always + adverb/preposition] a long way into or below the surface of something:
Some bones were hidden deep beneath the ground.
The tunnel led deep under the mountains.
We were deep in a tropical rainforest (=far from the edge of the forest).
Tom stared deep into her eyes.
They talked deep into the night (=very late).

deep down

a) if you know or feel something deep down, you secretly know or feel it even though you do not admit it:
He knew, deep down, that he would have to apologise.
b) if someone is good, evil etc deep down, that is what they are really like even though they usually hide it:
Deep down, she is a caring person.

two/three etc deep

if things or people are two deep, three deep etc, there are two, three etc rows or layers of things or people:
People were standing four deep at the bar.

run/go deep

if a feeling such as hatred or anger runs deep in someone, they feel it very strongly, especially because of something that has happened in the past:
The prejudice runs deep and we need to understand the fears behind it.

be in (too) deep

informal to be very involved in a situation, especially so that it causes you problems

➔ still waters run deep

at still2 (5)

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