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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeeplydeep‧ly /ˈdiːpli/ ●●● W3 adverb  1 VERYused to emphasize that a belief, feeling, opinion etc is very strong, important, or sincere Her lies hurt my father deeply. She is deeply upset. He loves her deeply. Teachers are deeply divided on this issue. deeply held religious beliefs2 in a serious, careful way Most doctors think deeply about what their patients want.3 DEEPa long way into somethingdeeply into John kept sinking more deeply into the mud.4 breathe deeply5 sleep deeply
Examples from the Corpus
deeplyHe cuts some other programs deeply.The daffodil bulbs were planted too deeply.They found rock with gold in it deeply buried beneath the earth's surface.Senator McCain is deeply committed to campaign finance reform.Local residents are deeply concerned about the threat to health posed by the power station.Congress is deeply concerned about unemployment.The road followed the deeply cut river valley.He cared deeply for the human condition.I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for everything you've done for me.I am deeply honored.The deeply incised DE/ED made with a red-hot nail was visible for anyone to see.Judges loved its deeply inspiring red and grey bricks.As vicar of Bidston and deeply involved in the plans, may I correct a few misleading rumours.Carol had been deeply involved with her work there and had loved it.The ceremony was short but deeply moving.Wood is a deeply religious man.We are all deeply saddened by Bill's sudden death.It is said that there is an ancient city deeply submerged in this part of the ocean.The marines were deeply suntanned and under their green camouflage helmets they looked very much alike.deeply heldWe are of the deeply held belief that many human beings have come to behave as materialistic tyrants.Even if women are legally entitled to equality, sexist language still activates and re-circulates deeply held beliefs about female inequality.Only in a few cases, as at Brading, do they reflect any deeply held beliefs or cult practices.It is also among our deeply held convictions that gene switching is the basis of both cell memory and change.He sells his company and he sells himself marketing his own deeply held convictions.It felt like a repudiation of their most deeply held ideals.Pupils of all ages and abilities have deeply held opinions about the way things actually are, about reality, about truth.The text of the Botanical Cabinet, combining scientific information with pious observations, reflected Loddiges's deeply held religious convictions.think deeplyClose your eyes and think deeply.Gently and skilfully he must be challenged to think back and think deeply.On the way back to Baker Street in the taxi, Holmes sat thinking deeply.He is a very complex man; he thinks deeply about every role and you must talk to him in great detail.Some think deeply and carefully about what patients want and about their own abilities and limitations.The Tin Woodman appeared to think deeply for a moment.
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