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Deepwater Horizon

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishDeepwater HorizonDeep‧wa‧ter Ho‧ri‧zon /ˌdiːpwɔːtə həˈraɪzən $ -ˌwɒːtər, -ˌwɑː-/  an oil rig (=structure in the sea for getting oil from under the ground) that was in the Gulf of Mexico off the southeast coast of Louisiana. It was the deepest oil well in the world. In April 2010 an explosion took place that killed 11 workers, and the oil well sank. This caused the biggest oil spill (=accidental flow of oil into the sea) in US history. Oil continued flowing for three months causing huge damage to the environment and to wildlife. The fishing and tourism industries were also badly affected.
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