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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdefensiblede‧fen‧si‧ble /dɪˈfensəbəl/ adjective  1 DEFENDa defensible opinion, idea, or action seems reasonable, and you can easily support it opp indefensible a morally defensible prison system2 DEFENDa defensible building or area is easy to protect against attackdefensibly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
defensibleCooper believes the plan is fair and legally defensible.I pushed this one step forward and made it defensible at the local level, not the judicial level..There is no defensible basis for a global answer to this question.The Democrats have a perfectly defensible case to make, without continuing the fear-mongering.The highest defensible estimates are several times higher in energy, perhaps magnitude 9. 3 to 9. 5.If you think it defensible, go on.No one is more disciplined in adopting a defensible position.Unfortunately for the advertisers, the first battle has been over the least defensible product.
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